Chanukah is an eight day minor but fun and important holiday on the Jewish calendar, celebrated first and foremost at home by lighting the candles each night - especially relevant this year, with covid-19 and recommended staying in. Plan ahead, or reach out if you need a menorah and candles.

Check out our special holiday section here for instructions, enjoyment for the whole family, and to help enrich your understanding. In addition, Chanukah is a wonderful time for community and family. 

Chanukah begins this year on Thursday night, December 10

We invite you to join us in celebrating the bright and special holiday, at one of our community Zoom events


Enjoy our Menorah on permanent display through Chanukah on the corner of Fundadores and RSM Parkway, thank G‑d, after our efforts and a new policy adopted by Samlarc a good few years ago.


Go to past events and photos to see previous year's celebrations.