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Feeling like a Balak? There's a solution


A word on the news this week – our Parsha, and how it relates to you and me.


The Jewish people were in the desert, a juggernaut on the way to the promised land. Balak, king of Moab, whose land wasn’t even threatened, called upon Bilaam, the non-Jewish prophet and soothsayer to curse the Jewish people and bring down destruction.


At the end, Bilaam ends up being lectured to by a donkey and against his will utters the most beautiful praises of the Jewish people (the Mah Tovu prayer we say daily comes from there). Additionally, prophecy about the time to come, the era of Moshiach is prophesied through him.


Why is an entire Parshah of Torah named after Balak, King of Moab, who hated the Jewish… Read More »

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