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And Moshe Saw - In Honor of 3 Tamuz 5775

From Weekly Email, Korach 5775 - Gimmel Tamuz Yartzeit of the Rebbe

Most of this was written while hunched over my iPhone at the edge of bench in a crowded marquee near the Rebbe's Ohel Friday before Shabbos

Doomed by a Self-diagnosed Prophecy 

Korach, a learned and prominent cousin of Moshe, rebels against Moshe’s leadership and choices of appointments in the sanctuary-including that of his brother Aaron as high priest. Korach brings along in his rebellion 250 prominent members of the tribe of Reuven and some other known rabble-rousers. 

This becomes more than just grumbling about nepotism—it turns into a dangerous, full-blown challenge against Moshe’s credibility as… Read More »

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