Frequently Asked Questions*

*In process.

 Do you have to be Orthodox to join Chabad?

Not only don't you need to be orthodox, but you would find yourself in a distinct minority if you were. Browse through our photo gallery for an idea of who comes to our programs.

Our goal is to welcome and bring together our local community—people of all backgrounds—and our programs are just that: pleasant, warm, insightful, joyous and non-judgemental.

 The people who come to Chabad represent mainstream Jewish America.

I already belong to Temple Beth Tefillah. Can I belong to two places?

 Sure thing. Many people who go to services elsewhere enjoy seeing what's going on in the local community and joining a program that strikes their fancy.

There are no membership dues - but there is membership. All you need to do is sign-up to our mailing list or join a program and you are an automatic member! If you'd like to become part of our Circle of Support, go to donate page for more info.

My husband isn't Jewish. Will he be comfortable?

Whether you are Jewish or not, we accept you for who you are and welcome you. Many more-than-satisfied couples who come to Chabad include one non-Jewish spouse.