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Circle of Support
Our Circle of Support is people like you taking partnership in the work we do and taking the guesswork out of things. By helping to provide steady, reliable income each month to help us thrive—or to commit to a certain share amount per year—you help ensure our continued presence and vital work for Judaism and Jewish community one person at a time. Even smaller amounts given by many people accumulate into larger sums.
Let's do some basic math: If 10 people can give $18 a month—maybe that seems little, but its 180 a month right there, and 2160 a year! If another 10 give $50 a month, that's another 500 a month, and $6,000. If 20 people can give our medium 100 a month, that equals $2000 a month, and $40,000 a year. If another ten can give $180 that's $1800 a month. And the numbers go on. This provides significant help to our budget.
A reliable yearly commitment given in one sum at set times of the year also helps this planning.
All donations, of all amounts and all times, help tremendously.
Like a circle, we are all connected. May Hashem bless you with all you need. 

Please consider joining our Circle of Support to provide reliable support to our programs and presence.
You can join in one of two ways:
1. Commit to giving a specific amount each month—large or small. It can be charged to your c.c. - choose Circle of Support on the drop down and click recurring - or it can be set through your bank, best as a recurring scheduled payment, or sent in by mail each month to P.O. . You can review this to upgrade or downgrade as necessary.
2. Commit to giving a specific (minimum) amount each year.
Please contact Rabbi Kantor at 264-6930 or at [email protected] if you'd like to discuss, or sign up for recurring donation on donate page, here .
3. Here are various levels of giving to reach our goal. We appreciate any level you can do, or any alternate amount as well.Circle of Friends Fundraising Partnership Pyramid.JPG