I’d like you to see a note that touched me, fresh from this week, that along with the others represents some of what we do:

"Chabad has had  a great impact on my life and on my wife’s life. That wouldn’t be possible without rabbis like you. Keep up the good work. I wish you and your family the best."

The impact was not from a deep and long acquaintanceship—the note-writer doesn’t even live locally. It was from one evening late in the summer that was spent together—almost by chance—in inspiration and discussion, but mostly in friendship, openness, and warmth.

You can appreciate what an urgent late-night visit to the hospital could mean to a terminally-ill child. Here’s a recent note from one of the parents:

"Our heartfelt thanks to Rabbi for visiting Renee in the hospital and sharing stories and prayers with her.  I know in my heart she was at peace.  My deepest thanks to both of you for being there for her and myself."

And you know you’ve been successful when your community is missed in its absence:

"Ever since I moved…I miss Chabad RSM!!  I miss your stories and I miss Rochel, her warmth, cooking, and wonderful women's programming....You both taught me how to celebrate Shabbat—something I never did in my family of origin.  But now I make my own challah and light candles... What a beautiful way to mark the sacred in the otherwise hectic week."

You get the picture. At Chabad it’s about caring for people.

It’s about reaching out in kindness and friendship or support through tough times.

And it’s about celebrating in friendship and community, keeping Judaism alive and accessible, relevant and joyous— something that adults will want to incorporate into their lives, and that children will want to embrace and teach to their own children when the time comes.

But we can’t do it without you. We need your help to finish the year in stability. It’s you, the donor, who allows us to do what we do on a steady basis and it’s you who deserves tremendous credit! 

Thank you, and may Hashem bless you!